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Gaza Is a Concentration Camp

Gaza is an immense concentration camp -- 1.5 million people squeezed into 140 square miles hemmed in on all sides by 25-foot-high walls separated by a vast expanse of bulldozed earth. The 2005 "pull-out" left Gaza still controlled by Israel from air and sea, its entries and exits prison-like mazes electronically controlled and under constant surveillance.  Bombing it, assaulting it with American made tanks, planes, and missiles, is like shooting animals in a pen. The claptrap about "pinpoint" accuracy and "avoiding civilians" is a lie so flagrant, so transparent, that any child
 -- certainly any Gaza child -- could grasp it.


"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"- Nelson Mandela

Palestinians Cope and Rebuild in Aftermath of Israeli Assault

Greetings from Gaza

Innocent victims: Children among dozens killed by Israeli airstrikes

Hypocrisy of slaughter: Israel’s Orwellian account of Gaza campaign


PCHR Weekly Report: Nearly 1300 Palestinians killed in 3-week long Israeli assault

Protester disrupting Netanyahu in Congress arrested at hospital

Egypt opens border with Gaza

IF AMERICANS KNEW: Standing Up for Helen Thomas

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews

UN's Gaza flotilla probe finds Israeli soldiers
committed 'willful killing'

It is time to understand the issue

US public supports "Palestine statehood"

Israeli Soldiers Beating Women and Unarmed Protesters

Shocking Testimonials from the Mavi Marmara survivors.
And one Israeli fembot by Lauren Booth

UN Inquiry Finds Israel “Punished and Terrorized” Palestinian Civilians, Committed War Crimes During
Gaza Assault

Cynthia McKinney Taken Captive By Israeli Navy

Media bias about the Israeli - Palestine conflict EXPOSED!

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First


December 2008 - January 2009 Attack on Gaza

'Long list' of suspected Gaza war crimes probed

Palestinian Loss Of Land 1946-2000

In 1947 the UN awarded Israel more than 50% of the land, even though they were a minority.  At that time one bothered to consult with the Palestinians.  By 1949, after the 1948 war, the Zionists had pursed the lines back even further. 

The green areas in the 2000 map, at the right, are what Israel offered during the Oslo peace process in 1990's.  This was Prime Minister Barak's generous offer.  The Palestinian state would have amounted to isolated enclaves, all surrounded by Israeli highways, armed checkpoints, and barbed wire.  No self respecting Palestinian could possibly have been expected to accept such an offer.

UN Security Council resolution 242 would require Israel to return to the 1967 line in the third map, still a vastly shrunken Arab Palestine. 

These maps afford insight into the great injustice that continues in Palestine.  No wonder these maps almost never appear in the US media.  They tell an inconvenient truth, one that must be kept from the American people.


Main Stream Media On Gaza  

More children among Gaza dead

Terrorists in Gaza (Wake up Americans)


Gaza Ignites The World 

International Support Groups:

Israel using Uranium Bombs in Gaza on Palestinians



American badly hurt in clash with Israeli military




Free Palestine Movement (FPM)

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